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Cooking Mama Ds Review

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When you first see this game on the shelf you most likely think, “Girls game, but it looks interesting.” And from there it is a 50/50 chance you will or will not buy it. Awarded “Best of E3” for 2006 the game focused on the D-pad with little to no use of the other Nintendo DS capabilities apart from the mic. The games title is self-explanatory and the game revolves around cooking up to 76 different dishes. Placing your hand-eye coordination to the test the game is similar to Warioware games with time limits and each round is played as a mini-game. Just like the Warioware series the game is addicting and has tons of options to keep the game play going on and on.

Each dish you create according to how many times you messed up is on a point system of medals. Bronze – 60-79 points, Silver – 80-99, Gold – perfect 100. Using the D-pad for each dish you will be asked to do things from chopping to peeling and for each action you will be guided with a dotted line and instruction on where you cut, mash, slice, and many more. The game is real addicting and if you are a fan of quick games than this is the one for you. The only downfall to this game is lack of being able to create what you want rather than the dishes placed and there aren’t any multi-player capabilities (It gets old). I recommend this game to anyone just wanting to kill time and have something fun to play. (Anyone, that means you boys to.)

The Positive: D - pad Use, Mic Use, Challenging, Mini Game
The Negative - Tedious, No Sellback Value
Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama (DS)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Miscellaneous Sim
Release Date: 12/SEP/06
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The Cooking Mama series has never appealed to me. Not because of the whole "girl's game" (which is BS IMO), but because I prefer to cook in real life. Get to enjoy the fruits of my labor that way.
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